When one meets their teacher, in this case, the person who is the door or portal opener, one receives much more than they came for. I had been going in circles trying to find a place in my being, taking that stage where, I was allowed me to be me, without judgements. Glenda-Ray opened her sacred space and offered what I had been searching for this whole time which I couldn’t pinpoint. As she took me on the healing journey, she confirmed my being and connected the dots to self-value and Self-worth. I was intuitively lead to her and my reality is, that with her gentle, soul I was allowed to be Preet in my full self. I changed my past and transformed it to light, pure joy and into a new world of manifestations and abundance. My reality is that all is possible and together, with Glenda-Ray, it was magical and is truth. I have come Home. Spirit animals, divine messages, a rebirth came through for me today. Today, it is how it is as I AM. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Preet Brar, May 14, 2018.

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Surrey BC Canada